Monday, December 22, 2008

Winter Wonderland

So it's been forever since I posted. We just haven't had anything blog-worthy going on lately.  Sean got laid off the Monday after Thanksgiving.  It's been a stressful month, but thankfully he was offered a position last week.  He starts at Strata Decision Technology in Champaign on January 5th.  It looks like it's going to be a good opportunity for him. 

In other news, the weather has been completely delightful lately.  Note my sarcasm.  The first big snow a couple of weeks ago was kind of pretty.  Molly loved it.  She doesn't care how cold it is...she just wants to frolic.  Speaking of cold, yesterday it was around 3 degrees with 30 mph winds.  We had to take the kids back to Bloomington and the wind made for an interesting drive. I'm not sure how cold it got last night but they were calling for around -5.  All I know is that it's bitterly cold.  Our duplex is older and seems insulated well...but the older windows and doors just can't keep up.  There's are a few big drafts in the living room.  Even the door hinge is frozen this morning.  I thought it was interesting so included a picture. 

Hopefully we'll get some pictures over Christmas to post.  Christmas eve we're heading to Morton to spend time with Sean's parents.  Then we pick up the kids and come back home.  Christmas day, my parents are coming for Christmas dinner and to spend the day with us.  Then Sean and the kids and I are all heading to Charleston on Saturday to have Christmas back home.  Should be a busy but good week.  

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Melissa said...

Hello! Are you ever going to update your blog? I know I have been slacking on mine but really a whole month!