Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Christmas 2008

No comments about how long it's been since I've added anything to the blog. I'm lazy and forgetful...that's all it boils down to.  So Christmas was good as you can see from the pictures. We went to Sean's parents on Christmas Eve and had a nice dinner out and went to his parents church for Christmas Eve services. We picked up Sarah and Sam on the way back and had them until the Monday after Christmas.  Christmas day my parents came over and Sean cooked a yummy meal.  We unwrapped some gifts and watched Appaloosa.  The Saturday after Christmas we packed up the kids and the dog and headed to Charleston for Christmas with the entire fam.  The Amyx in was thoroughly packed so we decided to stay at the Worthington Inn.  I don't think I'll be visiting that fine establishment again any time soon.  While the room was adequate, we were sent to three different rooms with locks that didn't work before we finally made it to our room. We went to church the next day and then watched part of a sad, sad Cowboys game then headed home.  All in all a good Christmas.  Sean and I spent New Years in Peoria with Melissa and Jason and family.  Audrey stayed up as late as I did! I couldn't believe it.  We played games and ate too much and watched the ball drop.  A good time was had by all...sorry no pictures. Are you really surprised?

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