Saturday, November 8, 2008

This week in review...

So when I got better, Sean got sick. Why can't we just be well at the same time? We were both feeling normal by Thursday and were back at work. After work on Thursday, I went to a "Ladies Night Out" event at the new iHotel at U of I with Andrea. It was pretty much just a bunch of vendors showcasing their stuff and having a lot of drawings. Their way of getting your contact info so they can bombard you with their junk mail. It was WAY too crowded for my liking. We stayed about 45 minutes then headed to Walmart for some yarn for Andrea and a new crochet hook for me. Don't get too excited...even with the new hook my stuff looks like crap and I got so frustrated I put it all away. When I got home that evening, Sean had cooked a seafood feast! We had roasted fingerling potatoes, sauteed asparagus, bacon wrapped sea scallops and steamed mussels in garlic and white wine. So yummy!

So Friday I'm sitting at my desk and in comes Sean. He's hobbling looking like he's been hit by a truck. Evidently he's passing a kidney stone. He's had many of these before so knows what he's dealing with. Unfortunately, since he started a new job he doesn't have health insurance until December 1st. A doc at his work suggested the ER, but not wanting to blow through a few thousand bucks, Sean went home. Luckily, Sean's parents came to his rescue. Janice has an arsenal of pain killers because she's had so many surgeries. Jack and Janice came to Champaign yesterday and brought him cranberry juice and some pain meds. Sean was pretty miserable last night and he's still laying around this morning. I'm ready for it to be over and it's not even happening to me.

It's cold and dreary outside so it's a good weekend to stay in anyway...I just wish he was well.

I'll update soon...hopefully with good news next time. :)

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