Monday, October 27, 2008

As Promised maybe I was the one whining this time. Those crazy stencils aren't easy! I'm starting to recover from my hand cramp and am pretty sure it will be quite a while before the orange color and the wonderful pumpkin-y smell wears off of my hands and under my finger nails. After our marathon pumpkin carving session, we were actual quite proud of our work. Sean's art is the ghost and mine is the spider on a web. Voila!

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Melissa said...

Did you have special pumpkin carving tools. I bought stencils and was thinking of trying to carve one for each of the kids, but wasn't real sure if it could be done. I have a Disney Princess set of stencils for Audrey and Mickey Mouse for Henry. Do you have any tips now that you are the pumpkin carving experts?